I was thrilled to work with director Scott Cooper on "Crazy Heart" opposite Jeff Bridges who delivered his academy award winning performance that year. I was originally brought in to play a drunkard but award winning casting director Jo Edna Boldin had another idea when she saw me and I won the role of Ann.Later that year, I won the re occurring role of the nasty drinking foster mom of Alexandra Chando's character on ABC Family's "The Lying Game" ! I enjoy working the range of my craft as an actor.

In the A&E television series "Longmire", I had the wonderful opportunity to be directed by Peter Weller, also an actor in the series. Working opposite the talented Robert Taylor was a joy.

In the "Lost Room" i just missed working with Julianna Margulies but DID work with the great Peter Krause (Six Feet Under was a favorite show of mine , as was ER, when I got to work with George Clooney and not Juliana. But I do look forward to having that opportunity. )

I created a web series called "Cyphers" and cast Mark SIvertson as my hubby- and most recently he was cast (again) as my husband in the Sundance pick for 2014 "Drunktown's Finest." Drunktown was directed by Native American Sydney Freeland (a rising female directing star) and executive produced by Robert Redford. It will be the world premier at Sundance and my first adventure to this prestigious event.

The last clip is from a quirky short film called "Surreal Estate" by Lori Romero. I love playing whacky and this was that for sure.

3 minute TV/Film reel. Includes clips from Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Crazy HeartThe Lying GameCyphersLongmire.