I am obsessed with the show VICE on HBO. Its a rough ride but exhilarating to see real journalism on important issues. After seeing images of ice cleaving off Greenland in real time, I cannot get my head wrapped around just how loud the alarm bells should be ringing and they are not. So I wonder, other than tweeting my fool head off, what can I do? Keep setting the example and hope others will follow. We CAN do something , individually, right from where we are.
We are getting PV on our roof soon. We already have solar heat and hot water, a plug in hybrid, and strong water collection. Here is a pic of my heirloom tomato starts - can you identify all the recycled items?
 I was recently inspired by my friend Matt Berlin. I was asked to work on his project called The Return, whose subject matter is not too far off from those alarm bells. What is didn't know about was his non profit in Kenya providing clean water, called Other Paths. People can do amazing things. Today, I am growing non GMO tomatoes. And reminding you all to do something for your mother earth. Do it NOW. We can't wait.

Tomato Starts