You just can’t stop art. 

You can cut funds,*45, but we, artists, will still be here. Now is no exception.

My husband, David Forlano, was recently asked to be part of a new show with the theme ‘subversive.’ He is not usually a political artist, but these times bring out .... other sides. He came up with a title called “Balls to the Wall” referencing the Wall. And off we went, riffing on all the ways to make the project happen. And before we knew it, we were collaborating on another project with balls in the title. The show will be in July with our great friend Michael Freed in his Gallery, OffRoad Productions, in Santa Fe. And then, we will be off to the FringeArts in Philadelphia in September, making #TheMeatballChronicles happen. Balls, balls, and more balls,*45. Get ready. We are on a roll. With or without your money.

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