As April approaches, The Meatball Chronicles is making its way forward. We spent last week visiting the wonderful Black Box Theater in Las Cruces and aligning with a great restaurant there called Lorenzo’s for the companion dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed the eggplant special with pink tomato sauce. Chef Vince was fabulous and I am totally looking forward to his creation for the weekend of the show. Our road trip was filled with lots of unique road signs and a stop at the VLA or Very Large Array, in New Mexican.

One evening at dinner, we were chatting over Vietnamese and one of our guests mentioned how she had spent a lot of time cleaning her closet over the previous weekend. That did it! She was at least the fifth person, not including my self, who I know had been doing the same thing! I blurted out, “I blame Trump.” She nearly choked on her pho, shaking her head in agreement. And here is why, in my opinion- it’s a way in which we can feel some measure of control in what seems to be an uncontrollable, chaotic world. It is something we can do and ‘feel’ like something positive has been done, that we can quickly point to, that has changed. It’s often why I cook but last weekend was different. I have wanted to clean out my drawers for .... oh... a few years and just out of the blue, went at it with gusto. Several friends said the same happened to them. Now, we are not rocket scientists, but it made sense to us over our pho.

And at least our closets are clean